Are you interested in sports with a focus on running? Are you even enthusiastic ultra or Trail Runner? Then we have just what you are looking for! Exclusively produced by us - the innovatively curved walking stick. He adapts extremely well to the natural Walking movement of the person. After many different prototypes and help from different areas of science such as sports medicine, physiotherapy or the physics was born in 2009 the N&Wcurve. A stick that adapts to the hiker and not the other way around. And indeed, the walking stick is similar to the biomechanics of the movement.


27th April 2019, 10.00 am Monte di Mezzocorona, Trentino, Italy. The Trentino runner Manuel Degasperi goes for the first ascent to the top of the mountain. 24 hours are ahead of him and a world record to be overcome.

April 28, 2019, 10 am The countdown is over: 24 hours, 33 climbs, 20,865 vertical meters with a positive gradient. With his N & Wcurve sticks, Manuel Degasperi puts his hand on the new world record in walking in a positive amount within 24 hours and was included in the Guinness Book of Records.


The perfect bend of the running stick is the innovation in the field of trail running. We hold several patents on the development of the stick. The development was natural completely held in Italy, our previous location. With our quality slogan "Design, developed in Italy and made in Germany" we underline the strong facets of ours Product. In addition, we already support over 200 athletes working in our field are in the form of sponsorship. Among others Manuel de Gasperi, who with our sticks in 24 hours 20865 meters in altitude has risen. Our product represents the revolution of ? Stock market? represents.


Many practice this sport, for the special adrenalin kick in breathtaking Landscape. Trail running is a kind of long-distance running that takes you off the road unpaved roads is running. The other ultrasounds then even pull over several stages. Simply put it could be said that it is the sporty version of Nordic walking is. Using trail running sticks, such as our N & Wcurve, Uphill but also downhill increases the safety of the runners. By using the Running sticks can also be brought to the upper body much more used, thereby The legs are relieved, especially when running uphill. So the body slows down tired and your performance increases significantly.


A runner does not need his sticks while trail running. That's why it is sent, if the models with us own a Teleskopstock, which one fast can push together. So they can not on stretches where the stick is not needed is cleverly stowed in the backpack.


Our curved sticks are suitable for everyone! For easy running with backpack on the back, for pure well-being to maintain fitness or to the trail Running. The N & Wcurve is the right floor for you. With appropriate adjustments Our N&Wcurve can also be used for downhill skiing on groomed slopes and cross-country skiing use.


From dawn to dusk, from the shores of the Adriatic Sea to the summit of Monte Amaro in the heart of Abruzzo in Italy, and on a single day back to the sea. The exciting story of the challenge of Alex Tucci along with his N & Wcurve sticks in his beloved country.

"The beauty of a unique and inimitable region that results from the wonder of my eyes, the emotions of my heart and the power of my legs."