About us

The passion for Nordic walking
The idea of ​​a new type of pole was born in the context of Nordic Walking. It is the passion for the sport itself and for the walk itself that led Fulvio Chiocchetti to find a way to make it practicable and accessible to all. In April 2009, he received the teaching diploma of the Italian Nordic Walking School (SINW) and immediately began to explore the world of walking with sticks. After months of study, observation and experimentation, in August of the same year he presented a series of Excel spreadsheets that can be used to calculate the length of the hive so that the athlete's characteristics such as weight, height, age, technique, skill and speed of progress to harmonize perfectly with his activities and training. However, when observing and comparing with less experienced users and students, he becomes aware of the difficulty that still arises in some subjects in performing some coordinative movements peculiar to the Nordic walking technique, such as: B. the opening and closing of the hand in the overrun phase and the forward swing. This meant that adjusting the cane size was still insufficient.

The idea

The first intuition Fulvio had during a refresher course. The exercise itself was very simple: walking with the sticks lifted off the ground. The naturalness and simplicity of walking without help fascinates and makes him think. Why not create a new ergonomic stick type that can fully adapt to the biomechanics of walking and eliminate the technical difficulties associated with the design constraints of the traditional stick?

The first prototypes

In fall 2009, Fulvio gets to work in the small cellar of his house. He begins to disassemble, saw and screw pieces of pipe with tools and material he finds at home to mold a new, revolutionary stick. The first trips began at dusk, away from prying eyes to test their origins and make necessary changes. From a first series of prototypes with square and segmented stick shapes, a second series with softer lines quickly emerges, where already the "leitmotiv" of the curved models is clearly recognizable and distinguishes the N & Wcurve® stick to this day. The first "curvature" had a slight and simple bending of the straight tube forward, which, however, resulted in an unbalance of the stick and did not facilitate the movements as desired. Another idea had to come!

The breakthrough with the double bend

After a series of attempts, Fulvio managed to solve the balancing problem with a tube bender by double bending the aluminum tube. He asked for help from a friendly engineer, who together with him should examine the bending of the cane with professional drawing software, different angles of the curve and the grip angle in order to achieve the optimum balance while maintaining the functional properties and properties.

Registration and registration of patents

After several tests and rehearsals Fulvio's idea finally seems to have taken concrete shape and above all to be functional: the angles of curvature are present and well defined, and the idea is downright brilliant. In February 2010, a utility model was registered at the Patent Office of the Trento Chamber of Commerce (IT). A few months later, the design patent was registered.

The concretization of the project

The project was there, but it had to be possible to put it into practice and a simple pipe bender certainly was not enough. It was necessary to find someone who could work the aluminum tubes to be bent precisely and at the right angles. Fulvio takes care of everything and manages to find companies and craftsmen who are willing to give substance to his designs. The idea was so revolutionary back then that a business partner had to be searched to inform everyone about the new curved floor. In the second half of 2010, a collaboration began with La Sportiva S.p.A. with headquarters nearby, in Ziano di Fiemme (TN).

Another milestone: the intra-rotation of the handle

Fulvio used to differentiate the right bar from the left one day and one day, at one of the usual exits to test the product, he casually held it upside down and immediately noticed an unusual tension at the level of the wrist: the handles, the They had disengaged themselves from the post due to temperature fluctuations and prolonged payloads, they had simply indulged in this. This is the natural intra-rotation of the wrist. The handles distinguished his sticks between right and left and always kept them the same. They had taken a new position, which corresponded to the physiology of the articulation of the right and left wrist and then differed in the right and left grip. It was a necessary and fundamental change to the racket that wanted to be ergonomic and revolutionary.

The birth of N&Wcurve®

Fulvio is increasingly aware of the potential of this new type of pole and makes the decision to take a step forward and label its creation with its own brand: In June 2014, the N & Wcurve® brand will be registered and the curved cane will be marketed by a newly born small business N & Wcurve, which is completely run in the family. Thus, the bedroom becomes the administrative office, while the basement, kitchen and living room welcome the last stages of production and final assembly of the floors.

From a vision to success

Despite the initial general distrust of "this strangely curved stick", in recent years N & Wcurve has managed to make a name for itself in the trail and ultra-trail worlds thanks to Fulvio's stubbornness. More and more mountain athletes are celebrating successes with our N & Wcurve poles in important competitions not only nationally but also worldwide and conquer the highest podium levels.

Series production and goods management:
The move to Germany

Year after year, curiosity about the curved floor N&Wcurve grows within the family and thus also the question of the continuation of the business. Due to the steady growth of the company, the premises in Italy became too small, the manual production took a lot of time and the shop system was not up to such a big rush. So Fulvios daughter Elisa decides, after a few years of cooperation with her father, the company in Germany, together with her partner Jens Auch continue. Thus, in the first two quarters of "N&Wcurve di Elisa Chiocchetti" in Italy, the new N&W curve GmbH, headquartered in Fröndenberg. From here we produce the sticks in series and send them to successful athletes and athletes worldwide. Fittingly, there is a new German Internet presence, the Italian is experiencing a new rollout and we will go online in the last quarter of 2019 with an English, French and Spanish shop to serve customers in their native language.