N&WcurveŽ SkyRace + lower shafts for snow

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Choose the new COMBO ErgocurveŽ 2in1: N&WcurveŽ SkyRace + pair of lower shafts for snow! The adjustable N&WcurveŽ model, specially developed for trail running and sky races, ideal for training and competitions in the mountains + second pair of lower shafts with snow basket, interchangeable with the lower shafts already included in the equipment, for a better grip even on snow.

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Lower shaft length for snow

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The SkyRace model is one of N&WcurveŽ's most popular products in the world of trail runners and sky racers. It is the first extendable and collapsible model in the N&WcurveŽ range, and is specifically designed for training and running in the mountains.

The extremely practical and lightweight poles can be adjusted in height according to the terrain and the need. This makes them ideal for a wide range of users.

A lightweight yet resilient and powerful running stick. The double locking system ensures that the selected pole length remains extremely stable. The high-strength widia tip of the type Knife Tip guarantees grip and stronger grip (grip), especially on asphalt and relatively smooth surfaces. In addition, in view of the safety and visibility of the runners in the dark, a black strip of light was placed directly above the running drum.

On the straight section of the upper shaft, the innovative movable handle allows for optimal balance of the stick by simply sliding the foam handle a few inches along the shaft until the balance point is reached. For the runner, the stick then feels pleasantly light and lies comfortably in the hand.

Have you planned trails in distant lands? With N&WcurveŽSkyRace, air travel is no longer a problem either: split into two parts, the poles fit into a medium-sized suitcase and can also accompany you abroad. No reason to give up!



  • Upper shaft (with double bend): Aluminum 7075 anodized, Ř 16 mm
  • Lower shaft: aluminum 7075 anodized, Ř 14 mm, sublimation printed length markings


  • Size S: 80 - 100 cm, weight about 197 g
  • Size M: 90 - 110 cm, weight about 207 g
  • Size L: 100 - 120 cm, weight about 217 g


  • Headboard made of reinforced plastic
  • Handle made of dense foam
  • Adjustable comfort hand strap, left (left) and right (right), available in the sizes S-M-L
  • Black cord loop for hooking the adjustable elastic strap (additional equipment)
  • Second handle made of dense foam (movable) in the middle of the upper shaft
  • Double locking system TwistLock and QuickLock
  • Black strip of light directly above the plate, for better visibility in the dark
  • Plate Ř 35 mm
  • Widia stick tip Knife made of Wofram steel (type Skiroll)
  • Rubber articles

NOTE: The handles are rotated 25 degrees inwards compared to the stick axis. Therefore, it is important to distinguish between right and left running pole.


Pair of lower tubes with pentagonal snow plates and length marking rings. Available in sizes 80-100 / 90-110 / 100-120 cm.

Which size should I choose?
For use on felled or deposited snow, a few centimeters more length than the measures used on the ground are sufficient. The softer the snow, the longer the stick should be, proportional to the depth of the pole in the softer snow.

How do I change the lower shafts?
1. Pull the locking lever.
2. Turn the lower shaft counterclockwise to loosen it and pull the tube down out of the upper curve.
3. Insert the lower shaft for snow into the upper tube, being careful not to damage the plastic wings of the twist locking system.
4. After adjusting the length, turn the lower shaft clockwise to lock it in place. TIP: Align the graphics on the two tubes to properly line up the tip.
5. Close the locking lever.

Maintenance: To avoid oxidation of the components, remove the lower shafts after use and dry them with a cloth. Do not assemble until all parts of the pole are completely dry.

Video tutorial:
. Check out the video: https://youtu.be/Ks70EzgI8uw

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